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Audience Measurement System
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  • Scanning the space in front of a digital display, showcase or other point of interest.
  • Finds human faces.
  • Identifies visual contact and its durability.
  • Identifies gender and age of the person.
  • Accumulates statistics from all cameras.
  • Presents the data in charts and graphs.
  • Targeting the ad content for the current audience.
Camera faces
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Main metrics

  • Number of potential viewers.
  • Average time spending by the viewer near the point of interest.
  • Number of contacts.
  • Average contact time.
  • Age and gender of viewers.
  • Conversion.

27 Faces can be used anywhere: café shops and restaurants, airports and buses, shopping and business centers, banks and insurance companies.

27 Faces can be installed in automatic systems: vending machines, electronic queues, interactive kiosks, etc.